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General Infromation

Postby validusvyto » Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:20 am

Welcome to all new P2PDL (.com & .xyz) :D We had begun operation from Year 2011, and had a few ups and downs during the course of these many years. But we have created a name and a good following. We have garnered many likes on our page on facebook -, this mostly speaks up for our popularity.

Now that you are here, you may have many questions, like how things work here? So I will do my best to clear up most of your doubts.

The main site i.e. ( is the torrent tracker, where members view and download torrents. While uploaders can upload torrent there. The aim here is to be a no-nonsense torrent site for serious uploading and downloading.

The second part is the forum i.e. (, which is meant to be used for social connecting among members. The forum can be used by members to seek information, post requests, discussion, etc. Its always advisable to be keep a check of the forum to gather the latest information.

Remember the tracker and forum use separate accounts, hence you will have to register in both places.Using same user id will make things easy.

I will further edit this post to add more information. But if you want to know more, just go ahead and post a topic in relevant forum.

Cheers and Happy Torrenting!

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