How to become an uploader at

Would you like to upload on Post your request here.
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How to become an uploader at

Postby validusvyto » Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:44 am

Only a member with uploader rank can upload to This is to make sure all torrents uploaded are clean and safe to download.

To become a uploader on, you will have to register on -

Once registered you will be given a member rank, that allows you to view and download torrent.

Next you will need to register at forums here - Registering with same user id will be useful.

Once registered and logged into the forum you can go a start a new topic here - and request for uploading rights/rank. Remember to give details on what kind of torrent you will upload, knowledge about creating torrents, use of seedbox, links to user account other public torrent websites, etc, which will help us decide to give you uploading rights or not. If your using a different username on the main site, then please mention your user id too.

Cheers and Happy Torrenting!

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