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AnyDVD lives on as RedFox rises from the ashes of Slysoft

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:37 am
by honey01
A little over a week ago, Slysoft shuttered its operations after nearly 13 years. The Slysoft website is now but a blank page aside from two sentences, which read:

Due to recent regulatory requirements we have had to cease all activities relating to SlySoft Inc.
We wish to thank our loyal customers/clients for their patronage over the years.

However, earlier this week, a new company in the form of RedFox has taken over control of AnyDVD and SlySoft's suite of software. RedFox, based in Belize, has only its rebranded forums in lieu of an actual website. Online purchases of AnyDVD licenses are currently unavailable but expected to return in the next three weeks.

In the meantime, RedFox issued its first update to AnyDVD, bringing it up to Version, noting the following in the corresponding changelog: 2016 03 01

AnyDVD reborn! SlySoft is dead, long live RedFox!
This is an intermediate release, so old customers can continue to use their existing AnyDVD license to watch their discs.
This version can access the new RedFox Online Protection Database
This version will only work, if already own a valid AnyDVD license
For compatibility with 3rd party programs, AnyDVD will still use "SlySoft" for directories and registry paths
It will replace an existing SlySoft AnyDVD installation
New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
Some minor fixes and improvements
The fox is not completely back yet, but on it's way...

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