Research: Piracy ‘Warnings’ Fail to Boost Box Office Revenues

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Research: Piracy ‘Warnings’ Fail to Boost Box Office Revenues

Postby Orangie2Dope » Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:11 am

A new academic study shows that graduated response policies against file-sharers fail to boost box office revenues. The empirical research, which looked at the effects in various countries including the United States, suggests that these anti-piracy measures are not as effective as the movie studios had hoped.

Over the past decade, entertainment industry groups have lobbied hard for so-called graduated response systems, where alleged pirates are warned and in some cases fined.

France was one of the pioneers in this area with its three-strikes anti-piracy law, and similar policies have been implemented in countries such as Ireland, South Korea, New Zealand and the United States, among others.

One of the main goals of these policies is to lower overall piracy rates and ultimately increase revenues for rightsholders. The question is, though, whether the measures will reach this desired goal.

Thus far there has been very little research on the topic but a new study, published by Dr. Jordi McKenzie of Sydney’s Macquarie University, suggests that these “strikes” policies don’t boost box office revenues

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